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  • Wow! My very first blog post!

    Creating this website made me realize how bad I am with technology. This is, in fact, the second time I’m typing this blog post because I apparently didn’t save it the first time. It reminds of the second guy I slept with and him asking if I was his first. I said no, but if more like “kind of” because the first guy didn’t quite go in all the way. You know what? I’m gonna stop this analogy because it’s way too much information for my first blog post.

    I blame my parents for my lack of technology knowledge. Growing up, we were the last ones to get a VCR, a Nintendo…. a robot who looked like a little girl, who was lovely and bright with soft curls, who no else knew was a robot, even though she talked like a robot and did things like a robot.

    “Small Wonder.” God, that show was awful but I think I saw every episode. It was like meth. You knew it was bad and you should stop, but you couldn’t wait for more. I think the same could be said for “Alf” and “Murder She Wrote.” Actually, “Murder She Wrote” was awesome. As a kid, I fantasized about Jessica Fletcher and Father Dowling getting together. And then Matlock would get real jealous because he had a thing for Jessica. I’m pretty sure Gargamel got involved. They were probably on the Love Boat. I think I watched too much T.V. as a kid…

    Man, television shows used to have great theme songs. Like “The Greatest American Hero” and “Hart to Hart.” You could really jam to these tunes. Today… Just try humming the theme to “Mad Men.” Yup, you sound like an asshole. Though, I’m sure they’ll loop the theme into some rap song. It is pretty catchy. Oh god, I’m jammin’ right now. “I’m a cassanova like Draper. Pay my hookers with paper. Later on watch The Great Muppet Caper.”

    I know. You’re thinking, “Those were some mad rhymes.” But now that I’ve got the theme song in my head, I’m gonna go watch me some “Mad Men.” Adios, suckers!



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2013 WINNER: CA's Funniest Female Competition

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Pauline Yasuda is an up and coming stand-up comedian ready to take over L.A. and the world!

She recently won first place in the Wild Card round at The World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas.

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